City Tyre Auto Service is best tyre shop in Brisbane because we have all brands of tyres of all vehicles. This is one stop shop for you where you can buy the new or second hand tyres on a reasonable and cheap cost. Also, you can get your tyres repaired by our excellent mechanics. You can get additional services like brakes, oil changes, suspensions, inspection, green slips, automotive mechanical repairs and transmissions etc. So, if you are in market finding the best tyre shop in Brisbane then we will give you best tyre purchasing experience than ever before. Your vehicle’s wheel balancing, alignment and rotation will also be fixed at our shop because we have best tyres in Brisbane

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Tyres In Brisbane

Tyres in Brisbane are ready to give your vehicle best tyre services than ever before with best brands, advices and price. We also provides alignment, suspension and brakes services to all our customers. Our store includes an area with seating for you to wait for your car to get fixed by our mechanics. You can enjoy your wait with a complimentary tea or coffee or cold water from water cooler/dispenser, magazine and free Wi-Fi. Tyres in Brisbane have an experience of many years including specialties in prestige vehicles and flat tyres.

Mag Wheels in Brisbane

Mag Wheels In Brisbane

Purchase quality Mag Wheels Brisbane from City Tyres Auto Service at a reasonable cost in both new or second-hand condition. We will provide you latest designs that will suit your lifestyle and vehicle along with your technical preferences at best price possible. We have best range of mag wheels in Brisbane that will make your vehicle look dashing and would give great mileage and smooth run. Our high-quality mag wheels in Brisbane make us popular because we do not compromise on quality or safety of our customers.

In Queensland definitely you need a roadworthy certificate service in all the following conditions.

  • If your vehicle is out of rego or needs to renew.
  • When your car needs to get a registration
  • When you transfer vehicles from another state to Qld.
  • The time when you want to buy a car and want to be sure it is in good condition.

We need the inspection which covers the basic vehicle safety standards for many components including:

  • Tyres
  • Engine
  • Brakes
  • Steering
  • Suspension
  • Body Rust
  • WindScreen
  • Lights

You are one step away, one call can do it all for your vehicle needs anywhere in Queensland. Once you let us know your requirements and the next moment we will have your car roadworthy inspection as quickly as possible. Usually, it takes around an hour to check and complete the inspection. The validation of your certificate will be as according to the total running time on-road and the specific time( for 2 months). After the expiry certificate, it needs to have a new certificate if the vehicle has not been sold to someone else. If you are living anywhere in Queensland then have doorstep services, instead of you, we will come to your place with our team for car inspection. It will save time and make it a stress-free process to get the certificate on time or in less time.