Kinsgton tyres available at City Tyre Auto Service with mid to high-end range and offers that will cater all your needs and requirements. We have Kingston tyres for all commercial vehicles and passenger vehicles.

Our Kingston tyres are durable and will ride quality with economical fuel consumption and seamless ride with amazing handling and braking.

Kingston Tyres with maximum performance and greater life expectancy


Long lasting life car tyres that yield maximum performance, what else would a person want? We have a wide range of cheap and durable Kingston tyres that suffice for your car requirements.

If you are finding sports tyres or tyres for your long tour with a smooth ride, City Tyre Auto Service promises to cater to all your needs. We promise durability, mileage, superior braking, cornering, ride quality, superior handling, handling in all dry and wet weather conditions.

We are the expectations in availability

City Tyre Auto Service aces the expectations in the availability of Kingston tyres with sale prices also. And services with the hands of skilled and professional mechanics that will get your car the treatment it deserves.

When it is about selecting the right store for your car tyre purchase, City Tyre Auto Service is possibly the best option conceivable.

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Word of mouth is the strongest marketing strategy ever. And this can only be achieved through satisfied customers. One of the reasons you have been hearing City Tyre Auto Service as the best and most reliable car tyre shop is because we do not leave any customer unattended or unsatisfied.

We go to ends in order to get the best services to our customers. Customer satisfaction holds the utmost importance in the rule book of City Tyre Auto Service

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