City Tyre Auto Service has a wide range of cheap new tyres. Now you can buy new car tyres at the cheapest price possible. New or second-hand, we have it all for you. Order today from our website the tyres that are right for your car.

All makes and models

It does not matter which make or model your vehicle is off, we will get you the tyres that your car wants. If you have an old classic, we would still be more than obliged to get you your desired tyres.

All vehicle tyres

Have you got a 4×4 or a truck that you think needs tyre replacement but can not find a good tyre store? You found tyre store that has a wide range of good and new tyres but it does not have your vehicle tyres? City Tyre Auto Service promises to provide all vehicle tyres. Whether you have SUV, Ute, Truck, Passenger Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, 4×4, 2wd, 4wd, Van or Motorbike, we have all the vehicle tyres for you.

Visit our website or nearest City Tyre Auto Service store to buy new car tyres

buy new car tyres

You can always buy new or used car tyres from our online store, through our website. The delivery process is completely smooth. Also, if you wish to purchase tyres from our store, we have our tyre store branches spread all over Brisbane, Redcliffe, Logan, Sunshine Coast, Gold coast and many other areas!

Contact us today for any queries

Have you got questions in your mind regarding our tyre selling procedure? Or, are you wondering if the tyre pairs you are purchasing are right for your vehicle? You can always contact our Customer relations that are available 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Contact us today and purchase the best car tyres!