There is very few car tyre shop that offers second hand tyres, cheap tyres and new tyres all with the guarantee and cheapest possible price. City Tyre Auto Service is providing cheap tyres at your service of all makes and models of cars.

With over 50,000 customers per years through our website and to our store, City Tyres Auto Service is well known for its high-quality services for tyres and cars of all makes and models. We have over a century experience in selling and buying tyres of all vehicles. We offer a variety of mechanical services such as transmission, suspension and brakes, also, fitting and supplying of world’s leading tyres. Bridgestone, Dunlop, Michelin, BFGoodrich, Pirelli, Falken, all brands are available at our stores.

We do not only offer car tyres at our Car Tyre Shop

You must be thinking that a car tyre shop contains only car tyres? This is not the case with us. We also have second-hand or new car spare parts that will make your car shine and run faster than before.

Also, our mechanics are skilled professionals that can fix your car within minutes at a reasonable cost. The team of City Tyres Auto Service is reliable and courteous.

We sell headlights, bumpers, doors, brakes, clutches, transmission, suspension, engine, alloy, tail light, roof, air conditioner and what not. Name it and take it!

You will never regret!

When you choose City Tyres Auto Service for your car services, you have perhaps taken the best decision. There are numerous reasons, out of which some had already been mentioned above.

This will be a one-stop shop for your car. You don’t have to wander stores for each service. You can get your car fixed, purchase other car spare parts and also purchase car tyres at the same shop.

We are insured

One of the major threat in dealing with any store these days is if they are insured or have their license or not. You can take a deep breathe regarding that because City Tyres Auto Service keeps their license updated and renewed at all times. Also, we have our insurance too. You can totally rely on us with your car because we are unlike all other car tyre shops. We are extraordinary with extraordinary services and extraordinary quality of all car spare parts and car tyres.