Essentially the abuse of words. To start with, we should characterize terms.

Alloy: An alloy is a blend of metals or a blend of a metal and another component. Alloys have metallic bonding character. An alloy might be a strong and solid metal component (a solitary stage) or a blend of metallic stages (at least two arrangements). An alloy does not really contain aluminium. So, alluding to aluminium wheels as the alloy is erroneous, and does not pass on any genuine data.

Mag (short for magnesium) has been utilized for wheels previously. Notwithstanding, magnesium is profoundly combustible and, to the best of insight, isn’t utilized on-road vehicles.

Amid the 1960s, cast aluminium wheels were mistakenly alluded to as “mags”. Afterwards, amid the 1990s, aluminium wheels were erroneously alluded to as “alloys”. The word alloy passes on virtually no information.

MAG Wheels Brisbane

The soft tendency to ‘work harden’ is what the MAG Wheels Brisbane focuses on. MAG Wheels of City Tyre Auto Shop are extensively TIG-welded and ensures a smooth drive for every vehicle.

Customer Satisfaction runs our business and it remains our utmost priority to ensure that our clients’ demands are met properly and efficiently.

Everyone remembers the incident when Mercedes installed MAG Wheels using magnesium-based alloy Elektra for the whole body of a car and tyre rims leaving 120 people killed in an accident where the car caught fire within 24 hours of vehicle upgrade.

With MAG Wheels Brisbane, you will no longer have to stay alert about your tyres heating up because of their combination of magnesium and alloy with modern metal spray techniques that prevents the ghastly event that occurred in the history of Mercedes or Humanity.

But with MAG Wheels Brisbane, this is no longer an issue. We have you covered, and we assure no such accident will occur as it has not occurred since the release of modern metal spray techniques on MAG Wheels.

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