City Tyres Auto Service is a leading second hand tyres service provider at low cost. We have an easy-to-use web based requesting framework that spares you time and cash. All you have to do is order online and the tires will be delivered to your doorstep.

We will probably make supplanting tyres easily. Our professionals will guide you to pick the tyres that best fit your needs. Our wide assortment of tire brands gives you choices for all kinds of tyres including non-marking and dark tyres.

With national coverage of services, City Tyres Auto Services have expanded their services to many areas of Australia including, Brisbane, Logan, Slacks Creek, Underwood, Kingston and Kuraby.

Second hand tyres in Brisbane starting from $35

Save up to $25 with second hand tyres from City Tyres Auto Service with the best quality.  Getting second hand tyres will become more affordable for you since you are saving up to $100 compared to new tyres. Second hand tyres from City Tyre Auto Service guarantees up to 90% tread life for up to 55% retail price.

Flat tyre? Running around on a spare tyre?

Finding your tires couldn’t be less demanding. You can purchase single tires, and sets of tires for your auto or truck by utilizing services of City Tyre Auto Service. In the event, that we don’t have the correct match in stock we can prescribe another brand that matches your vehicle’s OEM particulars/specifications.

How are you helping the environment by buying second hand tyres?

Buying used tires helps to save the environment. Recycling tires help to reduce landfill waste and reduces the number of petroleum products like oil that we consume to recycle these products.

Second hand tyres have less Tread life than new tyres?

City Tyres Auto Service will never work on provision of products that may not be useful for customers regarding quality. All second hand tyres that City Tyres Auto Service providers have guaranteed up to 90% tread life for up to 55% retail price.

You must be confused whether to save money to buy new tyres for your car since it is too risky to purchase second hand tyres. Worry no more. City Tyre Auto Service will provide you up to 90% tread life on all second hand tyres and you can save up to $100 compared to new tyres.

You can use that money to buy more specifications for your car from us too *wink*